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The top online sports betting markets in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Top Betting Markets

The biggest betting markets in New Zealand is largely based on sports as New Zealand is a country dedicated to its sports. The British colonial heritage of New Zealand is reflected upon in the more popular sports played and bet on which include rugby, soccer, cricket and netball.

The rugby union is the considered to be the national winter sport of New Zealand and cricket is considered to be the national summer sport of New Zealand. Other top sporting events that play a huge role in New Zealand’s sports betting markets and where the country has seen huge success include Olympic events, America’s Cup sailing, motorsports and softball.

Some other sports that are very popular in New Zealand include athletics, Australian rules football, boxing, cycling, golf, horse racing, rowing, canoeing, sailing, indoor bowls and extreme sports amongst others. Fans of any type of sports who also like to bet have many opportunities to bet on these sports.

Sports Betting in New Zealand

The internet’s top digital betting sites have not been around as long as sports have. The activity was rejected along with gambling when it was banned in 1920. The Totalisator Agency Board, or TAB, was eventually awarded the monopoly to run the pari-mutuel type of betting at various race tracks through local organizations that are owned by state government.

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In 1994 New Zealand opened its first land based casino and gambling began to thrive. TAB then began permitting sports betting and fixed odds betting from 1996. TAB was taken over by the New Zealand Racing Board in 2003 and to this day continues to hold the monopoly over sports betting at land based venues and online.

New Zealand sports bettors wishing to bet on the online platform have no restrictions when it comes to betting at foreign based online sportsbooks. These give them a much wider betting market but will almost certainly include all of New Zealand’s locally based sports betting markets too.

Safe Betting Markets in New Zealand

Even though there are quite a few foreign based online sportsbooks, New Zealanders must always be sure they are betting at the top choices. Those that have the best reputations are well known and will provide wide betting markets.

Not only are the best betting offers and options vast, the odds are some of the most accurate around. New Zealanders ill have no trouble finding English sites but some may require currency to be exchanged if they do not accept NZ$ directly.

Choosing the reliable and well known online sportsbooks guarantees that winnings will be paid out as quickly as possible and that all personal information is completely safe. Banking options are efficient and accessible for New Zealanders so even if currency must be converted, there are simple and secure options available to do so.

Online sports bettors in New Zealand will have plenty of access to bet on the country’s top sports and any sporting events that are held locally. The top sports markets in New Zealand are played in many Commonwealth countries and there are plenty of tournaments and championships that take place annually.