The Most Popular And Common Forms Of Betting

Sports betting is among the world’s most popular pastimes, and it has seen a steady increase in following over the last few years. While there are many countries around the world that have been actively attempting to make sports betting more difficult to enjoy, there are just as many others that are welcoming it to their citizens for the first time.

It’s a pastime that can be both extremely appealing, but also incredibly intimidating, and it’s for this reason that many of those new to the betting scene can find it hard to get to grips with what exactly is going on. Different sports have different bookmakers, different bets, ever-changing odds, and enough betting terminology to fill a dictionary.

Unlike something simpler, such as online slots Canada, sports betting can take quite a bit of knowledge and experience to truly understand, and it can sometimes take years to get on the same level as a professional bettor. There are thousands of different bets to choose from, and each one is unique in its own way.

For those that are newcomers and want to learn more about the various bets and how they work for the AFL, the NRL, and other types of sports available online, these are the most common types of bets that you will most likely come across when first starting out.

Outright Bet

Also called a win or match bet, this is as simple as they come. Here, the bettor takes out a wager on the team that they believe will win a particular match. The odds here are often low, as this bet is so popular, but it doesn’t mean there are no tricks to it.

Sometimes betting on the underdog may seem like a big risk, but one of the great aspects of sport is that anything could happen, and taking out a wager for a team that has extremely bad odds may just end up being a huge payday.

Accumulator Bet

This is a little more involved, and is usually attempted by those that have a deeper insight into the sport they’re betting on. Accumulator bets are similar to outright bets in some ways, except that instead of betting on just one match, the bettor wages on a series of matches, often throughout an entire season.

This means predicting the outcome of each match long before the season starts, and the inherent risk involved in this kind of bet also often means that the payout is quite high. It’s a bet that requires a fair amount of research into the teams that are taking part, but if done correctly and things work out in the bettor’s favour, it can quickly lead to full pockets.

Prop Betting

This is one that is a little more obscure, but has seen a rise in popularity lately. Prop bets are wagers done are certain specifics in a game, and tend to make the overall bet much more interesting.

The bettor, for example, can bet on which player will get the first goal or score, how long it takes to get the first goal, or which player will be awarded player-of-the-match. While some experts advise avoiding prop bets, they’re often fairly enjoyable and can pay out in large sums.