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Differences Of Sports Betting and Gambling in New Zealand

Major Differences Between Sports Bettors and Gamblers

It is a fact that sports betting is a type of gambling but the specific activity is different from gambling as a general term for playing casino games, lotteries and bingo. There is the same basis of betting real money on an outcome and either winning money back or losing the bet.

Gambling in itself has been around for centuries. It is one of the oldest pastimes that is still quite popular and widely enjoyed in New Zealand and the rest of the world.

New Zealanders gamble in many forms and sports betting is one the more popular ones since the country is one where sports are huge.

Sports betting is an agreement between two parties that if the one placing the wager on a prediction wins, the other will pay out.

Pay outs are determined by odds which is much the same in gambling on NZ casinos online games but gambling is a larger arena and less defined parameters.

Sports bettors and gamblers are equally inclined to love the thrills of the risk involved but avid sports bettors and gamblers tend to favour one or the other.

Many Kiwis who enjoy the risk will however participate in both sports betting and gambling. It is entirely up to personal preference.

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Betting and Gambling Terms Explained

When it comes to sports betting there are defined outcomes that are bet on. Either one or another team will win, the score will be higher or lower than a predetermined number and the possible teams that will play in the final championship of a tournament or just some of the examples.

These are outcomes that exist one way or another and the aim of sports betting is to wager on one of the options. This is much like predicting what the future will be and winning or losing based on whether the prediction comes true or not.

Gambling on the other hand is placing a wager on an uncertain outcome. There are odds involved of resulting in a winning outcome but the possible results are not as clearly defined.

There are far more possibilities than the winner out of two teams and so on. Gambling is therefore far more risky.

Skills Required for Betting and Gambling

New Zealanders would be wise to have knowledge of sports betting and what it entails before actually betting hard earned NZ$. This is largely because there are many calculated ways in which sports bettors can enormously increase their chances of winning.

It is not a hard activity but some research will help as having the knowledge of the odds, who are the favourites to win and which bets are value bets is important. Sports bettors should not bet on a whim.

Gambling is far more risky because most casino games do in fact rely on chance. There are no living creatures whose performance, personal issues and injuries vastly influence the outcome.

There are simply probabilities and luck. Certain casino games such as pokies do not require skill but others, such as poker, do need players to have knowledge and ultimately skill in order to win.