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Review of the Stephen Curry Limited Edition Basketball Card

One of the most celebrated athletes in Basketball, Stephen Curry, has charmed fans both on and off court.

This squeaky clean baller has some excellent cards in circulation but we will be looking at a personal favourite here, the 2009/2010 Playoff National Treasures Stephen Curry RC #206 Patch Autograph card.

This is one of those rare cases where a rising talent appears on a well-designed card with all the elements that will increase the card’s value over time like the limited print run, attractive design and of course a well respected athlete on the front.

Finding a legitimate version of this card is not as simple as finding great online betting NZ sites, but it is well worth it thanks to the card’s rarity, great design and subject matter.

The Card Layout

  • The Card Design – A classy off white finish, framed patch on the front and clutter free appearance puts this card head and shoulders above the other rookie limited editions out there. The patch features a full colour Curry highlighted against a monochrome court in the background.
  • Machine Stamped Numbering – Collectors will be glad to find the machine stamped numbering on the card to signify the limited run of 99 prints. The machine stamp is a great way to check for the card’s authenticity for any potential collectors out there.
  • On Card Signature –Unlike most other cards that simply feature either a print or a autographed sticker, this card actually features an on card signature for added authenticity and of course helping to balloon the card’s value.
  • Warriors Garb – One of the most sought after aspects of this Exquisite Collection card is the fact that it features Curry in his original Warriors garb, in contrast to for instance the Upper Deck range where he is wearing his Davidson jersey.Golden State Warriors Badge - Sports Cards Answer Man - Sports Betting Online

The Stephen Curry Card Story

Thanks to his great personality and on court work ethic, the Stephen Curry rookie cards have grown tremendously in value. This is one of those classic cases where a player’s combination of talent and public presence makes his cards even more valuable.

Curry has not been involved in any seedy scandals and his relationship with his daughter has stolen the public’s hearts.

His continued hard work paid off in his career in 2014 when he led the Golden State Warriors to NBA glory. Since then his card values have gone through the roof.

Panini released the first rookie cards for Curry in 2009 when the company gained exclusive rights to NBA likenesses on their cards.

The former licensees Topps and Upper Deck managed to squeeze out a few last runs featuring Curry. Naturally these cards are now exceedingly valuable to collectors.

All in all there have been 27 Stephen Curry rookie card releases but the Limited Edition National Treasures Stephen Curry hard has a great combination of class and style and of course the autograph that just puts it leagues above the other offerings. The limited card run also doesn’t hurt either.