A list of the most valuable baseball cards in 2017

The Most Valuable Baseball Cards In 2017

Baseball cards are some of the most valuable, if not the most valuable collectibles available. Part of the reason they so often make headlines is the fact that despite what a card is officially valued at, they often far exceed their list price when they come up at auctions.

They can bring their owners the type of money you will only see come up in progressive mobile online slots. Let’s check out the most valuable baseball cards available today.

  1. Honus Wagner

First up is a 1910 Standard Caramel Honus Wager worth $218 550. Wagner is one of the most celebrated baseball players.

This card was released in very small print runs and is incredibly rare today. The card in question is graded as PSA 10, making it about as rare as chicken’s teeth.

  1. Ty Cobb

At $272 980, the 1911 Ty Cobb card released by the General Banking Company is a very valuable card.

Part of its value comes from the fact that it is a hand drawn card in great conditions. This PSA 8 graded card was sold at auction and broke a few records at the time.

  1. Lou Gehrig

A PSA 10 Lou Gehrig card made headlines when it was sold at auction for almost 10 times its listed value of $33 000.

It was eventually let go for almost $275 000. The auction was run by Memory Lane Inc. and the baseball card was originally released by Goudey in 1933.

  1. Mickey Mantle

The 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps card was one of the most traded cards when it was released and today it is just as sought after due to its continued rarity.

It recently fetched $282 000 at action.

  1. Joe Doyle

In 1910, Piedmont Cigarettes released the Joe Doyle card. The New York Mets player never made it to the hall of fame yet this card sold for $312 000 all thanks to a printing error.

At the bottom of the card where it should say Doyle, N.Y, American League it instead says Nat’L. This printing error combined with the general rarity of the card sent this card’s value through the roof.

  1. Roberto Clemente

The combination of the card’s age, rarity and most importantly the PSA 10 grade led to the sale of a Roberto Clemente card by Topps from 1955 for $432 690.

Clement played 18 seasons of Major League Baseball and is also a member of the Hall of Fame.

  1. Babe Ruth

Even people with a passing familiarity with baseball will have heard the name Babe Ruth.

The 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth Rookie card was valued at $250 000 in 2008 yet sold at auction the same year for $517 000.

It is currently one of the most valuable cards in the world.

  1. Mickey Mantle

Another legendary name in baseball, the Mickey Mantle card released in 1952 by Topps, PSA grade 8, so not even perfect, sold for $525 000 at auction.

These cards were graded at $100 000 ten years ago but they have simply exploded in value thanks to the growth of the collectors market.

  1. 1. Honus Wagner Again

Dwarfing all other cards in value is the 1911 Sweet Caporal Cigarettes Honus Wagner card.

Only 200 were ever printed, as Wagner did not want to appear in cigarette related products.

This card sold at auction for $2.8 000 000.