A Quick Guide to Betting on the NRL

In Australia there are many NRL teams across all the country. Betting on these teams can be great fun for any punter, and that’s not just because of the great odds that are offered by the various bookies and online betting sites.

Lots of homework certainly needs to be done before placing any bets on these teams, such as making sure that you are up to date with injured players that are not available, playing conditions for that specific match and even their recent performances against other teams.

Betting on NRL games is easy, there are many great websites that offer to take the punters bets and even offer great odds. These vary from local games in local leagues to international fixtures.

Know Your Teams

Knowing the different leagues across Australia and even internationally can be a great advantage over the other punters looking to place a bet.

Many of these teams are closely followed by many loyal fans around the world with some of the Australian teams are ranked amongst the world’s best.

Following these teams and their performances throughout the year can prove to be vitally important, as many players change and grow as the season progresses.

They compete at local derbies and sometimes go on to compete at international tournaments such as the Super Rugby tournament played between South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Many of these players get injured or suffer from fatigue at the end of these tournaments which, of course, can severely affect the outcome of some of the games. Knowing this before it happens can you give you an advantage over the guy next to you who may not be as knowledgeable.

Know Your Players

Individual players can make or break the performance of a team. There are many superstars that have a world class ability when they play rugby, this can lift the confidence of an entire NRL team, or bring that confidence down if that player is injured or not available.

Bets are made just on the performance of these individual players during a match or season ending statistics.

For example the kicker of the team is generally the point’s scorer for the team, and thus if a team has a great kicker it would most certainly be a great advantage to the squad concerned.

NRL franchises or teams spend a lot of money buying and trading these kickers for up and coming seasons. Betting on these players is very popular and often includes live bets such as placing a bet on the odds of the kicker missing the next kick or making it.

NRL Days and Matches

NRL match days are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Often when there is a nice fixture on the go you will find fans all dressed up to support their favourite team.

Punters will flock down to the local sports bar to keep an eye on their bets, or check online to see up-to-date stats and information on the match in progress.

Most of these matches are available online for viewing should you not be able to make it to the stadium on the day.