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The Top NRL Events to Follow

Rugby has been a part of the Australian culture for decades, and continues to be among the most beloved sports that Australians enjoy every year. Without a doubt, the biggest and most popular rugby organisation is the NRL, or the National Rugby League. The NRL is run by the Australian Rugby League Commission, and has put together some of the most memorable Australian rugby over the last two decades. Stronger than ever and with fans all around the country, the NRL remains the largest domestic club competition. The NRL is involved in a series of NRL events that take part […]

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History of the NRL - betting on rugby in Australia and New Zealand

The History of the National Rugby League

There probably isn’t a single Aussie or Kiwi who does not know what the National Rugby League is. Compared to other professional rugby leagues, the NRL is young, but in the 20 years since its formation, its effect has been that of a force of nature. Take a closer look at its history. I’m sure it will add a whole new dimension of appreciation next time you watch your favourite clubs face one another on the field. NRL: The Early Years It’s a bit of an understatement to say that corporate sponsorship, ticket sales, and professional sport go hand in […]

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Ten Tips From Trained Tipsters

Sports betting, although wildly popular in Australia and New Zealand, may seem confusing at first to the newbie online bettor. Enter the tipsters. Getting to know the golden rules will help to guide you on your journey from being a novice to becoming an experienced and successful punter. Do Your Homework The number one rule when it comes to sports betting is to never go into a bet blind. Always make sure that you have done a bit of research on the sport and the competitors which you are about to bet on. As they say, forewarned is forearmed and […]

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