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Ten Tips From Trained Tipsters

Sports betting, although wildly popular in Australia and New Zealand, may seem confusing at first to the newbie online bettor. Enter the tipsters.

Getting to know the golden rules will help to guide you on your journey from being a novice to becoming an experienced and successful punter.

Do Your Homework

The number one rule when it comes to sports betting is to never go into a bet blind. Always make sure that you have done a bit of research on the sport and the competitors which you are about to bet on.

As they say, forewarned is forearmed and this is never truer than in the exciting world of sports betting. Many a punter has placed a casual and ignorant bet on a horse race or a sporting tournament such as the Rugby World Cup, and come out the other side disappointed and with a lighter wallet.

Choose Your Focus

There may be a number of sports which you are interested in, but betting willy nilly on all of them is not a good idea. Rather choose one sport to concentrate on, and really get to know it well. If you choose rugby, for example, get to know the players in the leagues which you wish to bet on.

As an add on from this rule, stick to one league too. If you want to bet on international rugby, get to know which countries are stronger, and what their weak points may be against opponents.

Local leagues such as the NRL may provide more consecutive betting experience as the games are not only closer to home, but also more frequent than large international competitions.

Read The Tipsters

Online tipsters are usually professionals who are paid to do what they do. NRL betting tips are provided by people who analyze the games and the players with minute precision and do a lot of the work for you.

Be sure to read a number of opinions before settling on the one which closest matches your own.

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Don’t Be Panicked If You Don’t Win Right Away

Sports betting is better in the long run. If you are to be long term profitable it is only normal that you will not win all of your games, and that you may take a few knocks while still learning.

Keep your head, don’t panic, and carry on betting.

Learn To Steer Away From Risk

The easier the bet, the lower the payout will be.

That being said, one should not undertake hugely risky bets in the hope of a big payout either. Play it safe, and trust your experience.

Never Stake More Than 5% Of Your Bankroll On One Bet

Go big or go home does not apply to sports betting.

Betting big will quite likely see your bank roll depleted with nothing to show for it.

Track Your Results

Keep a book with how well you have been doing. Learn from your mistakes in order to grow.

Have A Goal in mind

Sometimes you bet to win, sometimes you bet for fun. Know which is which and bet accordingly.

Shop For Odds

Not every site offers the same odds. Be sure to shop around to find the ones that suit you the best.

Go With The Pros

When choosing your site, make sure it has a good track record and lots of reviews.