Why Betting on Smaller Leagues Can Be More Profitable

When choosing which team to place their bets on, punters tend to play it safe and bet on the big European leagues.

Probably because those are the teams they are familiar with, or because that’s who they started their gambling career with and things haven’t changed.

But, there is a big wide world of betting out there with many smaller leagues to choose from. So, broaden your horizons, do some homework and win some big money.

They Have Higher Value

Smaller leagues offer better odds. There are no football giants in the lower leagues and the teams are usually quite evenly matched.

Therefor you could get up to four times the odds on a team, yet teams have equal chances of winning.

This gives more opportunities for value bets, whereas in the big leagues the odds are normally quite low because they know who the power houses are.

You May Know More Than Your Bookie

If you can find reliable information about small foreign leagues and bet locally, you may be able to get one up on your bookie.

The more obscure leagues are tough to find information on, which means that your bookie probably won’t be as up to date as with the bigger leagues.

Let’s be honest, no-one can be and expert on every league. This means that bookies are more likely to make errors when setting their odds. Our advice? Choose a country and specialise, then start trolling Facebook for a foreign fan that can be your tipster.

Spread Your Bets

If you are going to employ the strategy of betting on small leagues, it is important that you spread the love and use more than one bookie.

If you are constantly winning (and no bookie likes a winner) you may eventually get your account closed.

So, don’t stop betting on the big leagues entirely, and double your money online with River Belle casino so that you get your winnings from more than one poor sod.

The Teams Are Smaller

Smaller teams mean that an injury, suspension or a player’s weekend away will really affect team performance.

Small teams can’t always replace players with team mates of the same calibre, therefor if a team has lost a first-class player its guaranteed to affect the outcome of a game. Knowing that before the bookmaker is golden.

It’s Become Easier

Online betting has made betting on smaller leagues more accessible than ever before. Previously, few bookies offered small league bets, preferring to concentrate on leagues with the biggest fan base.

More fans equal more bets. Online betting now allows punters to place bets on those obscure games in foreign cities that no one really pays attention too.


The football powerhouses are always going to have the spot light and for punters this is good news.

While the big boys, with the big resources, are always going to be the winners in the major leagues, leaving the rest of us scrambling for the scraps, the obscure lower leagues are where we can find our betting bliss.

But, information is the key, so sign up to team newsletters, check their websites, and get to know the players.