The David Beckham Phenomenon

Everyone has heard of David Beckham. Affectionately nicknamed “Golden Balls”, he is not the most talented nor the most iconic player to grace the pitch in the nineties and noughties, so how on earth did he become the global brand that he is today?

He Played For One Of the Bes Teams Of All Time

Let’s face it, if Becks had played for some unknown backwater, he would definitely not have experienced his rise to stardom quite as he did.

He career really began when he signed on to the mega team Manchester United, and began to attract the attention of not only football professionals but socialites too.

Naff Haircuts And Good Looks

His clean-cut, boy next door looks not only put him firmly on the radar of most of Britain’s female population when they were not playing the British equivalent of pokies New Zealand, but many TV shows and other entertainment productions also began to sit up and take notice of his marketability.

Al over the country, boys began to flock to barbers and hairdressers to ask for their hair to be cut like his. So many so in fact, that “The Beckham” became an accepted style.

Bend It Like Beckham

Beckham’s extraordinary ability to bend the ball when taking a free kick in such a way that the goalie didn’t have a hope of catching it not only sparked a huge following in his progressing football career, but also a movie about how he influenced young people to take up football.

The curve, which he managed to get when kicking the ball, was unprecedented; no one else in the history of British football had ever been able to do this. The ability kept even nonfans glued to the screen during matches in the hopes of seeing him perform his signature move.

His Marriage To A Spice Girl

For those who are unaware, the Spice Girls were an all-girl pop band of the nineties who were extremely popular all over the world.

The classiest of the group, Victoria Adams otherwise known as Posh Spice, met Beckham in 1997 and began a relationship that was to take the world by storm. They eventually married in 1998 and went on to have three, just as famous, children.

Life After Man U

Beckham’s career was really catapulted into the stratosphere when he made the move to Real Madrid in 2003.

This was after a fallout with the Manchester United owner Alex Ferguson, who rather bitterly stated, “Getting married into that entertainment scene was a difficult thing.

From that moment, his life was never going to be the same. He is such a big celebrity; football is only a small part.”

Life In The US

In 2007, Becks made the move across the Atlantic to become a part of LA Galaxy and leave Britain behind for good.

In America, he found even more fame in the fashion industry, not only modelling but launching his own brand as well.

His wife, Victoria, was taking full advantage of the US market as well, launching an entire clothing label complete with perfume and other add-ons.

The brand Beckham is here to stay, probably long into the future. He has successfully reinvented himself after his retirement from football, which no other footballer has managed to do, not even Pele who tried rather hard.

We can look forward to his charisma and even possibly his skill being passed down to one of his children, keeping the Beckhams foremost in our minds for years to come.