AFL Match Review Panel Overhaul Aims for More Certainty and Consistency

AFL Match Review Panel Overhaul Aims for More Certainty and Consistency It is thanks to Adrian Anderson that the AFL’s tribunal system was revolutionised with the aim to be the delivery of consistency and certainty. He was the reason an elaborate points system was brought in, along with a precursory judging panel and a schedule for penalties. The guiding light was that the AFL wanted to be able to provide a reasonable predictability of outcome, and they wanted the entire thing to be independent of the League, with the judging panel not just at arm’s length, but actually out of […]

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The AFL Ladder

As I have previously written before about, the Australian Rules Football commenced in the late 1900s, and grew in strength and popularity until it is now the most popular sport in Australia. It is one of the things Australians are well known for AFL and Kangaroos (okay there are lots more). The league now has 18 teams in all Australian states (besides Tasmania), with matches played from Australia to China, it is now has an international fan base. Each of these teams is part of what is known as the AFL ladder, which lists and ranks the team’s performance and […]

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History Of The AFL

The History of The Australian Football League (AFL)

Australia is known for many things, whether its incredible scenery, dangerous animals or their unique cities. Among this list is Australia’s love of sports of every shape and size, but some sports are particularly beloved by the fans, and one of the most popular throughout the country is football. Football is an incredibly important part of the country’s history and culture, and also gives home to a variety of events, clubs, and organisations. With football events in mind, the biggest in the country is the AFL, or the Australian Football League. The AFL is run by the AFL Commission, which […]

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AFL Betting guide - sports betting Australia

Getting Started with AFL Betting for Beginners

Primer: An AFL Betting Guide for Beginners AFL Betting Guide: It has often been said that Australian Rules football and the Australian Football League is the lifeblood of the Australian people. From the remote Northern Territory to the southern tip of Tasmania, the Australian public simply love their Aussie Rules football, and the growth and popularity of the sport never seems to wane. The AFL is the pre-eminent professional competition in Aussie Rules and the league is currently it’s in 120th year. Never in the league’s history has attendance, club memberships, and AFL revenue been so high, and even the […]

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