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Getting Started with AFL Betting for Beginners

Primer: An AFL Betting Guide for Beginners

AFL Betting Guide: It has often been said that Australian Rules football and the Australian Football League is the lifeblood of the Australian people.

From the remote Northern Territory to the southern tip of Tasmania, the Australian public simply love their Aussie Rules football, and the growth and popularity of the sport never seems to wane.

The AFL is the pre-eminent professional competition in Aussie Rules and the league is currently it’s in 120th year.

Never in the league’s history has attendance, club memberships, and AFL revenue been so high, and even the number of teams competing has increased.

This has obviously had a profound effect on the number of punters interested in AFL betting and you’ll find everything you need right here.

Australian Football League Information

  • Formerly known as the Victorian Football League (1897-1989)
  • Founded: 2 October 1896 – 120 years ago
  • Inaugural season: 1897
  • CEO: Gillon McLachlan
  • Number of teams: 18
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Most recent champions: Western Bulldogs
  • Most titles: Carlton and Esseldon

AFL Betting Guide - online sports betting

Factors Which Could Affect AFL Tips & Odds

While many punters do plenty of research and religiously check the match odds to help guide them in the right direction, most punters use AFL premiership betting tips in order to inform them of their best bet.

These tips often come from AFL experts such as ex-players and commentators and those who have followed the sport for many years.

Following a tip by no means guarantees a win, but it will increase your chances of success by allowing you to make a better informed wager.

AFL Grand Final betting is big business in Australia, and there are several factors that should be kept in mind when choosing a team to back.

  • Bookmakers favourite: the team with the shortest odds is considered the favourite.
  • Home side team: the team playing on home soil is generally considered as having a slight advantage.
  • Premiership points ladder: the higher a team is placed on the ladder, the better their chances of being favourites of the bookmakers.
  • Injuries: if a key team member is injured and cannot play, this will affect the team’s overall performance, and in turn the odds on offer.
  • Past results: previous match-ups between teams can be an average indicator of how well the teams will perform when facing each other again.
  • Current form: the current form of a team is a great indicator of how well they are expected to perform in terms of wins and losses.

Popular Markets for AFL Betting

As Australian Rules football has gained popularity and expanded, so has the range of betting markets for AFL betting.

Previously the range of markets was limited and you could only choose between team A or B to take the match, but this has changed dramatically.

Now you can put money down on teams, players, winning and losing margins, individual awards, the Grand Final winner and so much more.

You can bet on single games, the AFL premiership as a whole, Brownlow Medal, Coleman Medal, Rising Star, and plenty of novelty markets.

Novelty markets generally see long odds as they can be hard to predict correctly, so punters would be wise to not only focus on novelty markets.

Competition Guide to the Australian Football League

18 teams contend the AFL Premiership and 23 matches are played during a home-and-away season, which usually starts in late March and ends in September.

It’s a fixed league, so there is no danger of relegation, and the incentive is for teams to finish in the top 8 in order to contend the Grand Final and win the Premiership.

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