Trading cards are most usually associated with sports, and baseball cards are the best known of them all.

The 1st baseball cards started being printed by a company selling sporting goods in the 1860s, around the same time that baseball was established as a professional sport. Most of the cards from this era until the start of the 20th century were packaged in tobacco and candy products.

This was the period when the most valuable baseball cards were printed, and the single most expensive 1 ever to be produced is the T206 tobacco card that depicted Honus Wagner. This set of cards, distributed in 1909, is thought to be 1 of the best-loved sets ever.

The Goudey Gum Company started issuing baseball cards with player bios on the back in 1933, and was the 1st one to add the cards to gum. This set is 1 of the admired and reasonably priced sets in the world today.

Collecting baseball cards worth money and finding out about rare baseball cards is what this part of the site is about. Find out if you have valuable baseball cards in your collection, and find all the information you need about collecting these cards.

7 of the Most Expensive Baseball Cards That Devalued Quickly

Rarity is very important for valuable baseball cards, along with public perception of the player himself. The more popular the card the less it’s worth, and there are some cards that depreciated far faster than others. Let’s look at some once great cards that today fetch a relatively average price in comparison to when the players were at the height of their careers. 1. Jose Canseco At the height of his career, Jose Canseco was the biggest player in the League. His 1986 Donruss Rookie card became one of the most sought after, yet traded cards. At a time this […]

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A list of the most valuable baseball cards in 2017

The Most Valuable Baseball Cards In 2017 Baseball cards are some of the most valuable, if not the most valuable collectibles available. Part of the reason they so often make headlines is the fact that despite what a card is officially valued at, they often far exceed their list price when they come up at auctions. They can bring their owners the type of money you will only see come up in progressive mobile online slots. Let’s check out the most valuable baseball cards available today. Honus Wagner First up is a 1910 Standard Caramel Honus Wager worth $218 550. […]

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